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3G / GPRS – General Packet Radio Service

nbn™ Australia’s broadband network SMC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for two ASIAL certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centres The SMC 24 hour in-house technical teams, located nationally are available to respond to any fault at any hour

Permaconn GPRS is a data network that enables always ON connections. The General Packet Radio Service is a brilliant technology designed to deliver high-speed data over the existing GSM infrastructure. The data link between the Outstation and the Central station is active at all times, allowing the devices to exchange messages at any time. There are no phone call charges or call establishing delays as with the better known GSM services. Read More

Direct Wireless
Direct Wireless delivers high grade wireless alarm monitoring to over 95% of the Australian population and is ideal for high risk sites, as well as a ready option for most new or existing alarm systems that rely on traditional PSTN phone lines for communications. Read More

Inner Range Multipath
Multipath-IP is a state of the art multiple path IP alarm transmission system. Designed for low cost monitoring through to high security applications, Multipath-IP is very simple to install using a field device called a Multipath STU. By connecting the Multipath STU to a customer’s existing alarm system their alarm system is instantly upgraded to a more reliable, high security IP based alarm transmission system, compared to the traditional dialler reporting system. Read More

Telstra Secure
Powered by the Telstra Next G Network, Telstra Secure is for customers with the need to ensure that communications between their premises and the Monitoring Centre are supervised, Telstra Secure provides a solution. Read More

Emizon IP is the dual path ‘always on’ alarm signalling and CCTV monitoring service. Using the customer’s broadband service, Emizon IP continuously monitors the connection between the alarm panel and the response centre 24 hours a day, every day. If there is a problem with the broadband connection, either accidental or malicious, then signals will be sent over the wireless GPRS network so your customers can feel secure, safe in the knowledge that the alarm will always be delivered. Read More

Grade A1 ASIAL Certified Monitoring Centre