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Our Operators

nbn™ Australia’s broadband network SMC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for two ASIAL certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centres The SMC 24 hour in-house technical teams, located nationally are available to respond to any fault at any hour

SMC takes great pride in its staff, and especially its front line staff, our monitoring operators.

Not only do our operators respond to alarm events, they receive customer service training, basic troubleshooting skills to assist customers with first level alarm problems, Trade Practices and Privacy Act awareness and training in the various monitoring and communications equipment that SMC utilise.

SMC assists the ongoing support and development of our operators by providing an initial training period followed up by any supplemental training in addition to our yearly refresher assessments that are required to maintain our Grade A1 rating.

SMC Staff and Operators are all required to undergo a state police check, and hold, or are undergoing security licence accreditation (relevant to State Legislation).This ensures that our staff are of the highest caliber in the industry.

Grade A1 ASIAL Certified Monitoring Centre