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Telstra Secure

nbn™ Australia’s broadband network SMC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for two ASIAL certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centres The SMC 24 hour in-house technical teams, located nationally are available to respond to any fault at any hour

Powered by the Telstra Next G Network

For customers with the need to ensure that communications between their premises and the Monitoring Centre are supervised, Telstra Secure provides a solution.

For over 25 years the Australian Security Industry has relied on the Telstra Securitel network to deliver Class 4 high security monitoring solutions to customers.

In answer to today’s increasingly stringent security requirements, Telstra has developed Telstra Secure Wireless to provide organisations with a standards based, independently accredited solution.

Designed to deliver a virtually seamless transition path for existing Securitel customers and those looking for higher levels of security than simple dial-up monitoring, Telstra’s next generation network is separate from the internet, which means monitoring data is protected from the risks normally associated with internet usage.

Grade A1 ASIAL Certified Monitoring Centre